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2 Amazing Raw Vegan Fennel Juice Recipes!

Written by CyberSasu

Hi everyone! So I just wanted to share with you all two raw vegan juice recipes that are super tasty! They are both very surprisingly delicious combos! Recipes are down below. Enjoy the fun video! 🙂

Tart Apple, Fennel & Lime Juice:
4 cutie oranges or mandarin oranges
1 small beet
½ lime
1/3 of fennel
1 tart green apple

Sweet Apple, Fennel & Lemon Juice:
4 cutie oranges or mandarin oranges
1 small beet
½ lemon
1/3 of fennel
1 Sweet Apple

Go raw VEGAN…make the connection & Love Being Raw! 🙂
If you are interested in raw food, please check out these amazing individuals that will provide you with engaging health information and tips on how you can better thrive in life:

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Go Raw Vegan…make the connection. Everything our bodies need is found in raw fruits and vegetables. God gave it to us for food in abundance. Eat abundantly and thrive to a level that you can’t even imagine is possible on a sinful earth.

Remember…it all starts with what you put in your mouth.

I hope you all enjoy this video. Please like and subscribe if you so desire, and stay tuned for more wonderful fruit and veggie episodes in the near future!

*All pictures & video clips are my own. I am not claiming to be the “Health Expert” in any way. I’m simply expressing my own opinions on obtaining good health and spreading the Vegan message respectfully through the love of God. 🙂

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