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Dhokla Recipe | How to make Dhokla | Indian Food & Snacks

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Dhokla recipe with step by step video instructions – Khaman dhokla or khaman as its popular, is a savory steamed cake made from gram flour and tempered with mustard seeds and sweet & sour water.


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Dhokla Recipe | How to make Dhokla | Indian Food


200 gms Gram Flour (Besan)

01 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder (Haldi)

01 tbl Spoon Vegetable Oil

250 ml Water

3/4 tsp ENO (Fruit Salt)

— For Tempering the Dhokla Recipe

02 tbl Spoons Vegetable Oil

01 tsp Mustard Seeds

03 Green Chillies

250 ml Water

01 Tbl Spoon Sugar

01 Lemon Juice


Dhokla Recipe | How to make Dhokla | Indian Food

Cooking Instructions

1) To a bowl, add besan (Gram Flour) along with Salt and Turmeric powder, mix well and add Oil, add water gradually while you whisk to avoid lumps.

2) Keep the batter aside to rest for 5 minutes, until then in a Momo’s/Idli utensil boil enough water and only when the water is evaporating.

3) and the steam starts rising up in the Momo’s / Idli utensil, you add ENO (Fruit Salt) to the Dhokla batter and whisk well using an egg beater.

4) grease a cake tin using 1 tsp oil and pour the batter from step 3) into this cake tin to make dhokla recipe.

5) drop this cake tin into the Momo’s / Idli utensil and cover with a lid tight cook at a high flame for exactly 20 minutes.

6) Immediately put off the flame after 20 minutes and extract the cake tin, keep it aside for 5 minutes until it cools down slightly.

7) turn it upside down and cut it into 2 inch cubes and it’s now time for us to prepare our tempering (tadka)

8) in a small frying pan, add 2 tbl spoons oil, and cooking at a low flame, when the oil is hot enough drop mustard seeds, when the crackle add green chillies.

9) then add water followed by sugar and boil at low flame until sugar dissolves completely into water, now squeeze in one lemon juice and pour this mixture over the dhokla cubes.

10) finally garnish the dhokla with fresh coriander leaves and fresh grated coconut, enjoy with family and friends dhokla recipe 🙂

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