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Juicing Recipes For Cancer

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Juicing Recipes For Cancer

Alternative Cancer Treatment Center

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Our juicing recipes for cancer help stop the production of cancer cells. In this video we teach you how to make an easy green juice that’s full of antioxidants and nutrients for you. Even if you have juiced in the past, we may have a new shortcut for you.

This is our easy green juice recipe which calls for 5 stalks of celery, a cucumber, one bunch of kale, one bunch of spinach, half of a granny smith apple, half of a lemon peeled, a 1/4” piece of fresh ginger root and 5 stalks of fresh parsley.

Do you juice every day? We hope you do, juicing is an important part of the healing process and halting cancer production. At our healing center, it’s a daily part of what we do.

The benefits of green juice are many, it is the best way to get vital nutrients into our body rapidly where they are instantly absorbed. Let’s start with kale, it has the highest amount of chlorophyll of all the greens and also works the best against the top five cancers which are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer.

Next is spinach which also is loaded with chlorophyll and has 40% protein and a good amount of fiber. Eating spinach should help answer the question of where do you get your protein, right.
Celery is a great natural sodium and really helps in detoxifying the body and also cucumber which is another great detoxifier for the body. We throw in a half of a granny smith apple so not too much and it helps take the edge off all the greens. The granny smith apple is also a lower glycemic than red apples.

Next is parsley which is a great detoxifier and is wonderful for pulling out heavy metals in our body. And, just a little ginger is added as it helps with nausea and has to been known for being a big help with sea sickness. And finally lemon is added for its alkalizing benefits.

And, of course, it’s always best to drink it as soon after it is made as possible for maximum benefits. We encourage you to drink one to two quarts a day of this healthy green juice during your treatment of cancer and also as a helpful preventive method.

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