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3 Paleo dinner ideas | healthy and easy

Written by CyberSasu

In this video I’m showing 3 paleo dinner ideas which are healthy and easy to make. They are made with fresh ingredients, very nutritious, taste amazing and most of all, they are quick to make. Perfect meal ideas for any day of the week in which you want to eat a nutritious meal without spending too much time and effort in the kitchen!

The first meal is butternut squash soup made with bone broth and ginger; baked kale and a pork chop. In the second meal I make fish cakes using sardine and crab meat with some spices and homemade mayonnaise, a fresh salad and green plantain chips. in the third recipe, I make a Colombian recipe for chicken soup with vegetables. This contains green beans and potato which I include occasionally in my diet since I have a large and varied garden 🙂 Although green beans are a legume, they are very low in anti-nutrients while being highly nutritious but if you prefer to leave these ingredients out, simply replace them with more vegetables.

Let me know which was your favourite meal!

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