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Health Benefits Of Upma recipe – Is upma good for health? – Tamil Health Tips

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Health Benefits Of Upma recipe – Is upma good for health? – Tamil Health Tips

Children runaway by hearing the name Upma. Eventhough we make variety of upma most of the children doesn’t like it. If unexpected guest come upma can be prepared within 10 minutes. Upma is such a significant breakfast. Upma has so many specialities but some people dislike it. In this video we are going to see what is special about upma.

Will you believe this upma has given a mega prize to a person In 2011 a Cookery competition was held in New York, America. Floyd Cardoz participated in the competition. They have asked to make a receipe which will remain in their memories till lifetime. Floyd Cardoz prepared Sooji upma and won 1,00,000 American dollars. Upma can be prepared easily but it is hard to eat it after it gets cool.

In the fast generation upma is made frequently in many homes. If you take it with sambhar it will be very tasty. Upma provides nutrition to children. But without knowing this many parents make noodles as children like it. Upma is famous in south india. Our forefathers has invented many new methods to make upma tastier.

If sooji is not liked, they made rice upma by breaking rice and sauted with ghee and red chillies. For blood pressure patients and diabetes they have made upma with Pearl millet, corn,millet, red rice. After making some changes they mad kitchadi but still upma is unavoidable. Doctor advise that upma made with poha is healthy for blood pressure patients.

100 gms of upma contain 222 calories, 3.3gm cholesterol, 40.2 gm Carbohydrates , 7.25 gm Protein, 1.6 gm sugar, Iron and calcium. Eventhough there are many varieties, most of the people like sooji upma due to its taste. If we take upma it takes time to digest and so we will not fell hungry. Upma will be helpful for those who want to lose weight.

Upma takes away the dullness in the afternoon and keep us fresh. While making upma add fibre rich vegetables and you will get more energy.

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