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Today it is super hot in my neck of the woods and when the days get longer and hotter there is only one answer for dinner! Cold platter. In my case that means either cold cuts, deli meats and cheeses along with deviled eggs, olives, pickles and pita. Stuff that full of your own creation and dinner is served. No fuss, no muss. The hardest part of this meal is making the pita and even that is made easier in a skillet instead of the oven!

Pita are quite easy to make and these are really delicious. More of a flat bread than a pocket bread, these are soft and delicious and they will be the hit of your meal. We stuff them with deli meat or with homemade tuna salad or chicken salad. Today they came out with no pockets for one reason or another but they produced a delicious flatbread that we simply folded over and ate like a taco. Everyone loved them.

These go together super fast and then you just let them rise, divide into 16 pieces and the start rolling. I like to roll all of mine at once and set them on sheet pans lined with parchment. Then I heat up a skillet and one at a time let them cook dry. You will see the bubbles form and in a perfect world they will puff up into giant balloons. Sometimes they don’t do that. Sometimes, they just get little bubbles and you eat them like we did. When they puff properly, and you are blessed with a pocket, you get to fill it up. When they don’t you get to fold them over.

Either way, filled up or folded over, these pita flatbread are delicious and when made on top of the stove they don’t heat up your kitchen nearly as much. Considering today it was 93 but felt like 103 with 97% humidity heating up the kitchen in the late afternoon was not an option. So I made the dough early in the day and got these done when it was a bit cooler and not such a stress on my air conditioner.

So give these a try when you make a cool dinner or even for your favorite Indian or middle eastern fare like dal, saag or butter chicken. All great to eat along with a delicious flatbread! I hope you give this skillet pita flatbread a try and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating!

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